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Video Daughters

Albums on Already Dead:
AD055, AD094

Artist Location:
Gowanicka, NY

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Video Daughters started during the winter of ’08/’09 as three rival newsies hocking swiped copies of the Onion and Village Voice decided a far better way to lose money was to form a band. They recorded the “Birds, Sing the Car Alarm” EP in Gowanus Brooklyn and hit the BQE to the north, melting faces, saving graces, and causing many an oasis throughout. The power trio expanded to a quartet, then an ensemble of 40 singing in white robes, then to a super group, then back to a power trio, sans trio. Amidst the morphing they recorded “ZooS” in fall 2010 (with master engineer Ben Greenberg at the helm), released on Already Dead Tapes and Records in December, 2012. Video Daughters are Michael Green, Scott Townsend, and Randolph Riback.