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Marcus Rubio

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Los Angeles, California

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Marcus Rubio is a young composer that works in a variety of mediums and genres ranging from pop songs to long form drone works for ensembles of portable fans . He has had his works programmed at Seamus,ICMC, Spark Festival, CEMEC, and EMM. In 2010, Rubio won the readers choice award for “Best Instrumentalist” in the San Antonio Current and in 2011, he won an ATAC Globe Award for best original score for his work on Trinity University’s production of The Bacchae. In 2012, Rubio released/recorded a multitude of records and two of these, Hello Dallas and None of the Birds, were selected as local albums of the year by the San Antonio Current. As a live performer, he’s opened for the likes of Bill Callahan, The Men, and Koboku Senju as well as performed/ collaborated with FAUST, SOLI Chamber Ensemble, Peter and the Wolf, Vinyl Williams, Lee Dockery, Joey Reyes (Shardz), Jane Henry, Travis Weller, Isaiah David, The Grasshopper Lies Heavy, and Bill Baird. He was also a full time member of both Moth!Fight! and the Cartographers. In 2012, his collaborative album Only the Imprint of an Echo Remains with poet Bill Shute was released on Kendra Steiner Editions and in March of 2013, Rubio’s synth drone/pop album h_h was released on Already Dead Tapes. Rubio is also an active music journalists/critic as a staff writer for Tiny Mix Tapes and occasional contributor to the San Antonio Current. He graduated from Trinity University in 2012 and is currently earning his MFA in composition from CalArts.