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Dead Bugs

Albums on Already Dead:
AD054, AD076

Artist Location:
New Jersey

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Dead Bugs is an experimental folk project based out of New Jersey.
The central consistent force behind the project is Adam Martin, an independent
artist and poet born in New Brunswick and raised on the borders of
three townships.
Scattered across the Dead Bugs discography are the traces of other
assorted collaborators as well.
Coming from a history of punk and indie sensibilities, Dead Bugs is about
taking the tradition of folk music and making it one’s own. Each release is
heavily inspired by a different aesthetic of atmosphere. Songs of love
and lust, songs of loss and longing, golden-throated lies and hard-toothed honesty,
songs of frailty and songs of forgiveness. Every day is a song all its own.
Dead Bugs has been a mostly self-produced and self-published project.
Keep an ear to the ground.