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Bill Tucker

Albums on Already Dead:
AD050, AD068, AD094

Artist Location:
Chicago, IL

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Bill Tucker is a multi-faceted muscian and audio journalist from the midwestern u.s. and has toured most of the country and some of canada. Most of his touring has been done in greyhounds and amtrak trains and due to lack of funding he has slept on the street and played songs at homeless shelters and on street corners in many cities throughout the country. His work is prolific and covers many different music and art styles from experimental noise to solo singer to post rock and lo-fi orchestral music. He has played in various bands over the years including but not limited to (white rose, Lincoln Johns, Bill Tucker (and Friends) and The Skull). Bill’s first album, Illusions of Repetition was one of the top 100 releases of 2008 at WZRD. His most recent releases have selling out in short runs of cassettes. His music is featured in documentaries like Kino Reelism’s Sorry, We’re Open and he played a live looped electric guitar soundtrack for Allen Killian-Moore’s film Shut The Mouth in a garden in St. Louis for the Chautaqua Art Fest in 2010.

He has collaborated in studio sessions and live performance with many improvisational and free jazz musicians like Jeb Bishop, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Bill has studied under Chicago drummer Tim Daisy. Tim played free drums on Illusions of Repetiton as well.

His work has been compared with A Silver Mt. Zion, Brian Eno, Husker Du, and many more. Things change regularly with Bill. Every season he will be doing something new. You might find him in a garage playing post punk rock with a band, or in a small book store playing experimental music. His future plans are to continue recording and touring making the music that is in his head. If you catch him on tour you might see him with a small handheld recorder and he may want to ask you a few questions. You never know, you might end up on his next release.