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AN MOKU aka Dominik Grenzler is a musician and sound artist with a spot for experimental and ambient soundscapes. Born in 1977 in Gdynia. Raised on a soundtrack of bubbly 80’s synth pop and early 90’s guitar music. Playing e-bass in several bands in Germany’s former coal-mining hub, the Ruhr district, from 1993 to 1995, he gained experiences in a wide variety of musical genres. This is followed by numerous performances with supporting acts for Whitney Houston, Joe Cocker, Marla Glen with Daniel Denecke amongst others from 1998 through to 2001. After a three-year creative break and thanks to his old friend Bnibs he finds his way back to music.
Inspired by many experiences during travels, encounters and further training Dominik started to explore sound in different ways. In 2008 he began with the initial recording sessions for AN MOKU. The literal translation of the Japanese word «Anmoku» is “tacit, unsaid, implicit” conveying that an idea or thought cannot be put into words but is subconsciously understood. Inspired and animated, with this approach, Dominik gives the listener a lot of room for imagination and interpretation.
Privately, Dominik Grenzler is living and working in his adopted hometown of Zurich (Switzerland) where he owns a small café with cake bakery known as Les gourmandises de Miyuko.