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A.M. Stations

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Chicago, IL


A.M. Stations are found in the process of radio broadcasting using amplitude modulation (AM). AM was the first method of impressing sound on a radio signal. Commercial and public AM broadcasting is authorized in the medium wave band across the universe, and also in parts of the long wave and short wave bands. Radio broadcasting was made possible by the invention of the amplifying vacuum tube, the Audion (triode), by Lee de Forest in 1906, which led to the development of inexpensive vacuum tube AM radio receivers and transmitters during World War I. Commercial AM broadcasting developed from amateur broadcasts around 1920, and was the only commercially important form of radio broadcasting until FM broadcasting began after World War II. This period is known as the “Golden Age of Radio”. Today, AM competes with FM, as well as with various digital radio broadcasting services distributed from terrestrial and satellite transmitters. In many countries the higher levels of interference experienced with AM transmission.(transmission lost)